5 Highly Recommended Hummus Brands in 2023

cedars organic hommus pack

Best Hummus Brand 2023

There are several brands of hummus on the market, and choosing one or two of them can be difficult.

So, I’ve done the work for you and came up with a list of best hummus brands that I’ve gathered through my readings on the selections of other bloggers and customer product reviews (when I could find these).

Word of caution though!

Nothing will come close to the goodness of a homemade hummus.

However, if you’re pressed for time or don’t think you can quite make a delicious recipe, then the below is the closest you can get to a freshly made plate of hummus.

5 Best Store-Bought Hummus Brands

If budget hummus brands or organic hummus brands are what you are looking for, the following names are worthy of consideration.

  • Ithaca Hummus

ithaca hummus classic

This hummus brand is recognized for using fresh ingredients that lead to a unique flavor.

The recipe is simple enough – lemon and garlic, which is what you’d see in the Mediterranean countries.

Ithaca has begun including other flavors such as buffalo ranch and lemon beef.

The products can be found in many retailers like Whole Foods, Target and Wegmans.

  • Yorgo’s Hummus
yorgo original hummus

Looking for a balanced nutrition hummus?

Then Yorgo’s Hummus offers it, plus its sodium content is lower, and it’s got more flavor to it.

It’s loaded with protein that offers your body the energy it needs to function and keeps your gut healthy.

It uses no preservatives or fillers, and the recipe derives from a family with ties to several Mediterranean dishes.

  • Tribe Hummus

tribe hummus

If there ever were a cult favorite, the Tribe Hummus brand would be it.

Why, though?

Tribe has a creamy lemon flavor with the right amount of balanced flavors – not too lemony or creamy.

It can be used on sandwiches or crackers, and you can find various flavors that include dill pickle.

Tribe has constantly improved on its recipe to offer a preservative-free option that will satisfy the craving.

  • Cedar’s Hummus

cedar's original hummus flavor pack

Whole Foods offers many hummus brands, including the ever-popular Cedar’s Hummus.

This original hummus is made of organic foods and has an earthy taste.

One ingredient in this hummus brand is cumin, which gives it a bit of a kick and uniqueness compared to other hummus brands.

This brand of hummus has an O in its spelling, as the brand’s origins are from the traditional kitchen of the Mediterranean.

It continues to offer many unique and tasty recipes.

  • Kirkland Signature Hummus

kirkland hummus pack of 20

When it comes to the best store-bought hummus brands, you cannot overlook Kirkland.

It’s a budget-friendly brand that is purchased in bulk in Costco stores.

One of the reasons it’s so popular is its well-balanced recipe that is also low in calories.

You can find Kirkland Signature Hummus in various sizes, from individual to party-made containers.

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