Best Falafel Near Me [Restaurants]

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Best Falafel Restaurant 2022

Do you have a craving for the best falafel?

Having become a staple of American street food and a popular vegan meal, it’s easy to find a few, if not several, ways to get your hands on a hot plate or wrap of falafel no matter where you are in the US.

Of course, with so many options out there, it can get hard to sift through reviews and choose what’s best. 

In this article, we’ll go over where you can buy falafel and focus on the most in-demand restaurants around the US.

Where to buy falafel?

There are 3 quick ways to satisfy your falafel cravings straight away. One is to buy them from your local grocers. A second is to order them online. And the third is from a falafel restaurant near you.

Falafel Near Me (Map)

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Best Falafel Restaurants

Of course, if you’re in it for the entire falafel experience instead and prefer letting an expert cook handle your meal, it wouldn’t necessarily require a trip to the Middle East.

Whether you’re located at the West Coast or closer to the North Atlantic Ocean, you’re bound to run into some falafel restaurants that cater to some, if not all, your falafel needs.

The list of falafel-serving restaurants has been compiled based on how often people have looked up these restaurants to place an order – it’s where everyone buys their falafel and you should too.

Grocery Shops

Store-bought falafel come in two forms. They are sold as falafel mixes and as pre-made, frozen balls.

They can be found either in the international and baking aisles, or vegan and refrigerator sections depending on whether they are pre-cooked or not.

While most grocers will stock both, falafel mixes, and frozen falafel, nearly all will at least have a mix available on their shelves.

Shop Falafel Online

If you’ve got time on your hands, there are a number of online stores that are known to stock them regularly. Here are our top 3:

  1. Amazon

  2. Instacart

  3. Target

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