3 Top Edamame Hummus Brands in 2023

lantana edamame hummus

Best Edamame Hummus Brand 2023

Edamame hummus brands are not as common as chickpea hummus, but you can find them if you look carefully.

Edamame are young soybeans loaded with protein and give the hummus base its green, creamy look. 

Trader Joe’s previously carried edamame hummus, but other brands offer this kind of hummus and are just as tasty.

Lantana Edamame Hummus

lantana edamame hummus

When you want a vegan brand, no brand gets as creative with flavors as Lantana does.

Not only does it offer chickpea hummus, but it also offers edamame hummus with toasted sesame seeds and roasted red pepper.

Lantana claims to be a foodie, and it’s always looking for bold ingredients to take hummus to an entirely new level.

Summer Fresh Hummus

summer fresh edamame hummus

Summer Fresh’s hummus is mixed with jalapeno and cilantro, giving it a salty but Latin flavor that is a far cry from other kinds of hummus.

What makes the brand so different from other brands is that it’s a family-owned business.

On their website, you’ll find a letter from Susan, its founder, dedicated to offering simple, fresh and natural foods for the ingredients.

Every one of their hummus varieties follows this concept.

Humm! Edamame Hummus

humm edamame hummus

Humm! Hummus is a sub-brand of Fontaine Sante and uses a mix of soy and chickpeas for its base.

It adds to the concoction using avocado and spices to give it a spicy avocado flavor, ensuring that the finished product contains no preservatives nor cholesterol, and is truly vegan.  

Fontaine Sante is focused on offering 100% natural, flavorful, and high-quality foods. 

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